another session at San O

photoset: the point early this morning

4-5 weeks passed before I got back to the water and actually filmed/shot. I took some time to actually force myself to go. Cold weather and rain brought some doubt amongst my friends, but we still made it happen. Here are some photos from this mornings session:

solo mission v1

When school gets busy, sometimes planning with others to adventure and such becomes difficult. After a few weeks of skipped sessions and no plans, I decided to just trek on my own and venture around. Below are some photos from this solo mission.

forgotten dreams txt v1

With the launch of Parlor Los Angeles soon, I will be producing content (blog posts and videos) under the label Forgotten Dreams denoted by versions (v1, v2, etc.). 

Having spent 4 months in Northern California, trips to the beach slowly diminished in frequency with the time change and lowering temperatures. Trying to get a session in the afternoons became very difficult as class ended at 3:20 and the sunset occurred an hour later. Morning trips became difficult with the temperatures dropping below 50 degrees in the mornings. Without proper gear, waking up and surfing in this weather doesn't sound very appealing. On Friday, December 8th, I drove 5 hours south to the place I call home, Los Angeles. The following images show the first water images I have taken in around 2 months. 

gibson x small waves

Having not surfed for about two weeks, I started to think I was going to go insane. Finally, amidst my studying in the lower section of the dining hall, I made the rash decision to just trek out to the beach. I didn't check reports; I didn't check weather (other than what I could see outside); but I did text Gibson that we should cruise down. I grabbed my cameras and left the board and wetsuit behind, and produced the photos below. 

photoset: 4 (to 5+) at 4 Mile

My last blog post covered the flat spell that burdened surfers up and down the California Coast. While I saw photos of friends making long treks to spots for any type of swell, I sat and looked on as school kept me booked. Finally, two weeks passed, swell shows up on the charts. A trip is planned, and I make the adventure to the beach a reality. Having not shot photos for my personal pleasure in awhile, I chose to forfeit an extra hour of surfing in exchange for some photography. Below are some of my favorites.

photo set: lindamar on a tuesday morning

With a flat spell in Santa Cruz, it can be dreadful to look at any surf report--- whether it is Surfline (more like SurfLIE--- as a high school friend used to call it), MagicSeaweed or even government issued NOAA swell reports, the disappointment from the 1-2 foot report and heavy winds is real. At this point, on a Sunday in Northern California, it seems as if surfers are losing their minds. While the East Coast is firing off with hurricane swell (my prayers to those negatively affected), lake pacific sits flatter and flatter and doesn't prospect to change any time soon. Yet, as I sit in the library working on Economics homework, my phone buzzes in my pocket. I check, and it's Eric, a surfer who frequented Santa Cruz with me last year. He claims that Lindamar is fun and peaky; I'm doubtful at best. But, alas, I decide to take a risk and just go for it. Turns out the surf wasn't great, but I brought a camera and this is what came back with me.